Taxi and Cab Services near me in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania (PA)

Taxi and Cab Services near me in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania (PA)

Do you need a taxi driver phone number in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania? You have arrived to the right page, whether you wanna find the phone number, the physical street and the car service place, here you can discover the greatest Cab services in Lock Haven. We inform you that you can request a Car service by Whatsapp, writing an email or by calling the cab services phone numbers below: Locate a car service right Now!

Lock Haven Taxi (number)

  • Phone Number: (570) 748-8294
  • Services: Taxis
  • Address: 525 Bellefonte Ave
  • PC: Lock Haven, PA 17745
  • Hours: OPEN NOW
  • Rates: Contact before

Taxi rank (stand):

Lock Haven Taxi Limousine (number)

  • Phone Number: (570) 893-8294
  • Services: Taxis, Limousine Service
  • Address: 14 E Main St
  • PC: Lock Haven, PA 17745
  • Hours: OPEN NOW
  • Rates: Contact before

Taxi rank (stand):

Arrive N Style Limousine Service (number)

  • Phone Number: (570) 748-4128
  • Services: Taxis, Limousine Service, Night Clubs
  • Address: 14 Bellefonte Ave
  • PC: Lock Haven, PA 17745
  • Hours: OPEN 24 Hours
  • Rates: Contact before

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All Companies and contact numbers of car services in Boroughs close to Lock Haven, Pennsylvania (PA)

Would it be useful for you to find each and every one of the contact numbers of Cab services in a municipality near Lock Haven, Pennsylvania (PA)? At Taxi Service USA we bring the best inventory of regional cabs telephones in any place of USA:

Find taxi drivers working all day 24 hours located in Lock Haven (Pennsylvania)

Besides bringing Taxi services, we have also set up different blocks with Cab companies serving 24 Hours. As you already know in our considerable directory of taxi and cab services we present you almost all the taxi driver phone numbers found in United States of America. All drivers showed in this webpage comply with all contemporaneous health measures. You can call your cab coolly and without doubting about anything at all in Lock Haven (PA).

Fares and rates of Taxis and cabs in areas near Lock Haven, Pennsylvania (PA)

The following chart analyze main city cab rates for the largest cosmopolitan areas, based on the space and duration of the taxi trip. Cab fares in Pennsylvania (PA):

CityInitial chargeMileage chargeTypical short rateTypical average rateTypical long rate
Lackawanna County, PA$2.95$3.00$6.47$21.40$39.20
Scranton, PA$2.95$3.00$6.47$21.40$39.20
Philadelphia, PA$2.70$2.50$6.31$19.44$34.93
Erie, PA$2.65$2.45$5.54$17.18$31.18
Pittsburgh, PA$2.25$1.75$5.34$16.00$28.25
Harrisburg, PA$2.90$2.00$5.41$15.50$27.50
Lancaster, PA$2.90$2.00$5.41$15.50$27.50
Lewisburg, PA$2.90$2.00$5.41$15.50$27.50
Manheim, PA$2.90$2.00$5.41$15.50$27.50
State College, PA$2.35$2.10$4.83$14.80$26.80
Mansfield, PA$2.25$1.75$4.54$13.38$23.88
Wellsboro, PA$2.25$1.75$4.54$13.38$23.88

Note: The short distance fares are equivalent to 1.6 km (one mile), the medium distance fares to 8 km (five miles) and the long distance fares to 16 km (ten miles). They are based on real rates and a mathematical algorithm. Additional charges are not included.