Taxi and Cab Services in Clinton, Oklahoma (OK)

Taxi and Cab Services in Clinton, Oklahoma (OK)

Do you want to find the telephone number of a taxi in Clinton, Oklahoma? You have reached the proper website, like if you need the cab place, the contact number of the Taxi driver or even the physical ZIP code, in this site you can find the top car services in Clinton. We have arranged several blocks with the needed details, including phone number, whatsApp, schedule, address and other data you need to find a Taxi near.

Dave’s Taxi (number)

  • Phone Number: (580) 819-0228
  • Services: Taxis
  • Address: 113 S Indiana St
  • PC: Weatherford, OK 73096
  • Hours: OPEN 24 Hours
  • Rates: Contact before

Taxi rank (stand):

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Taxi Driver rates in major towns in Clinton, Oklahoma (OK)

The next chart compares main town taxi service fares for the biggest cosmopolitan localities, based on the time & distance of the taxi trip. Cab rates in Oklahoma (OK):

CityInitial chargeMileage chargeTypical short rateTypical average rateTypical long rate
Norman, OK$2.75$2.00$5.88$16.50$29.00
Oklahoma City, OK$2.75$2.00$5.63$16.25$28.75
Tulsa, OK$2.00$2.00$4.54$13.80$25.00

Note: The references for the distances are: 1 mile (short), 5 miles (medium) and 10 miles (long). Additional charges are not included.