Taxi and Cab Services in Bemidji, Minnesota (MN)

Taxi and Cab Services in Bemidji, Minnesota (MN)

Do you need the contact number of a Cab in Bemidji, Minnesota? This page shows you a list of cab services nearby Bemidji. We have registered various taxi services with some of the required information, like contact number, Whatsapp, availability, direction & other information you may want to hire a taxi service nearby.

Bemidji Cab (number)

  • Phone Number: (218) 759-1368
  • Services: Taxis, Transportation Services
  • Address: 919 15th St NW
  • PC: Bemidji, MN 56601
  • Hours: OPEN NOW
  • Rates: Contact before

Taxi rank (stand):

Heartland Express (number)

  • Phone Number: (218) 732-9328
  • Services: Taxis, Transportation Services
  • Address: 301 Court Ave
  • PC: Park Rapids, MN 56470
  • Hours: OPEN 24 Hours
  • Rates: Contact before

Taxi rank (stand):

Taxi service contact numbers and Companies in Bemidji, Minnesota (MN)

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24Hours taxi drivers working in the city of Bemidji (Minnesota)

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Taxi fares in largest areas in Bemidji, Minnesota (MN)

Rates are updated systematically and combined with the fares covered in TAXI SERVICE USA. Nonetheless, they are for reference purposes only. Taxi Service Usa does not guarantee the veracity of the computations. You need to know that in some cases the Cab service rates are measurements, especifically in cases where rates are not regulated by township laws, and can be modified by agency. Cab rates in Minnesota (MN):

CityInitial chargeMileage chargeTypical short rateTypical average rateTypical long rate
Bloomington, MN$2.50$2.50$6.04$18.43$33.21
Minneapolis, MN$2.50$2.50$6.04$18.43$33.21
Woodbury, MN$2.50$2.50$6.04$18.43$33.21
St. Paul, MN$2.50$2.50$5.41$17.09$31.19
Duluth, MN$2.50$2.50$5.09$15.88$29.13

Note: The short distance fares are equivalent to 1.6 km (one mile), the medium distance fares to 8 km (five miles) and the long distance fares to 16 km (ten miles). They are based on real rates and a mathematical algorithm. Additional charges are not included.