Taxi and Cab Services near me in Coronado, California (CA)

Taxi and Cab Services near me in Coronado, California (CA)

Do you need the phone number of a cab in Coronado, California? We show a ranking of Taxi services near Coronado. Locate a Cab service now with some of the essential information (cab number, work hours, WhatsApp, direction and more).

Airport Taxi Service (number)

  • Phone Number: (619) 343-3428
  • Services: Taxis, Shuttle Service
  • Address: 1540 National Ave
  • PC: San Diego, CA 92113
  • Hours: OPEN 24 Hours
  • Rates: Contact before

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Rema transportation,inc (number)

  • Phone Number: (619) 501-1917
  • Services: Taxis, Airport Transportation, Transportation Services
  • Address: 3435 camino del rio s
  • PC: san diego, CA 92108
  • Hours: OPEN 24 Hours
  • Rates: Contact before

Taxi rank (stand):

Sunset Cab (number)

  • Phone Number: (619) 422-2700
  • Services: Taxis, Airport Transportation
  • Address: 677 G St Spc 68
  • PC: Chula Vista, CA 91910
  • Hours: OPEN 24 Hours
  • Rates: Contact before

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Fiesta Cab (number)

  • Phone Number: (619) 437-0442
  • Services: Taxis
  • Address: Coronado, CA 92118
  • PC: California
  • Hours: OPEN 24 Hours
  • Rates: Contact before

Taxi rank (stand):

San Diego Direct Transportation Service (number)

  • Phone Number: (619) 542-1929
  • Services: Taxis, Airport Transportation
  • Address: 914 A Ave
  • PC: Coronado, CA 92118
  • Hours: OPEN 24 Hours
  • Rates: Contact before

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San Diego Taxi Company (number)

  • Phone Number: (619) 566-6666
  • Services: Taxis
  • Address: 7648 Topaz Lake Ave
  • PC: California
  • Hours: OPEN 24 Hours
  • Rates: Contact before

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Lexis Affordable Ride (number)

  • Phone Number: (800) 395-3962
  • Services: Taxis
  • Address: 4976 Arroyo Lindo Ave
  • PC: San Diego, CA 92117
  • Hours: OPEN 24 Hours
  • Rates: Contact before

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On Time Taxi Van Service (number)

  • Phone Number: (619) 317-8948
  • Services: Taxis
  • Address: 6855 friars rd
  • PC: California
  • Hours: OPEN 24 Hours
  • Rates: Contact before

Taxi rank (stand):

Lee’s Cheapest Rideshare Service (number)

  • Phone Number: (619) 478-7868
  • Services: Taxis
  • Address: 4758 E Mountain View Dr
  • PC: California
  • Hours: OPEN NOW
  • Rates: Contact before

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All Taxi contact numbers in Cities close to Coronado, California (CA)

How to hail a Taxi service in a borough close to Coronado, California (CA)? At TaxiServiceUsa we show you all cab service phone numbers on call 24-hour:

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Search for the top Cab service in the archive of TaxiServiceUSA and be more safe in your tours in the town. We offer you all the phone data of taxi drivers in United States of America open 24/7. Talk to your Taxi service and appreciate your trip in Coronado (CA).

Fares of Taxi services in cities in Coronado, California (CA)

Fares are renovated regularly and combined with the fares admitted in Taxi Service USA. However, they are for example and comparison intentions only. TaxiServiceUsa does not guarantee the status or veracity of the calculations. You need to know that frequently the Taxi service rates are estimates, principally in cases where fares are not managed by city laws, and can vary by service. Cab rates in California (CA):

CityInitial chargeMileage chargeTypical short rateTypical average rateTypical long rate
Pismo Beach, CA$3.00$3.50$8.39$26.75$48.42
American Canyon, CA$3.00$3.00$7.97$25.20$45.20
Benicia, CA$3.00$3.00$7.97$25.20$45.20
Napa, CA$3.00$3.00$7.97$25.20$45.20
Napa Valley, CA$3.00$3.00$7.97$25.20$45.20
Vallejo, CA$3.00$3.00$7.97$25.20$45.20
Yountville, CA$3.00$3.00$7.97$25.20$45.20
Salinas, CA$3.00$3.50$7.82$24.88$45.29
Los Gatos, CA$3.50$3.00$8.01$24.20$43.20
Milpitas, CA$3.50$3.00$8.01$24.20$43.20
San Jose, CA$3.50$3.00$8.01$24.20$43.20
Santa Clara, CA$3.50$3.00$8.01$24.20$43.20
Saratoga, CA$3.50$3.00$8.01$24.20$43.20
Silicon Valley, CA$3.50$3.00$8.01$24.20$43.20
Richmond, CA$3.00$3.50$7.28$23.90$43.90
San Mateo, CA$3.10$3.00$7.61$23.80$42.80
San Francisco, CA$3.50$2.75$7.78$23.57$41.91
Campbell, CA$3.50$3.00$7.79$23.45$41.95
Cupertino, CA$3.50$3.00$7.79$23.45$41.95
Mountain View, CA$3.50$3.00$7.79$23.45$41.95
Palo Alto, CA$3.50$3.00$7.79$23.45$41.95
Sunnyvale, CA$3.50$3.00$7.79$23.45$41.95
Anaheim, CA$3.50$2.75$8.06$23.25$41.00
Encinitas, CA$3.00$3.00$7.51$23.00$41.33
Fremont, CA$3.00$3.00$7.29$22.95$41.45
Alameda, CA$3.20$2.90$7.45$22.85$40.97
Castro Valley, CA$3.20$2.90$7.45$22.85$40.97
Hayward, CA$3.20$2.90$7.45$22.85$40.97
Oakland, CA$3.20$2.90$7.45$22.85$40.97
San Leandro, CA$3.20$2.90$7.45$22.85$40.97
San Lorenzo, CA$3.20$2.90$7.45$22.85$40.97
Union City, CA$3.20$2.90$7.45$22.85$40.97
Oceanside, CA$2.80$3.40$7.11$22.80$41.80
Santa Rosa, CA$2.75$3.30$6.85$22.67$41.67
Sonoma Valley, CA$2.75$3.30$6.85$22.67$41.67
Rancho Cordova, CA$4.00$3.00$7.67$22.60$40.40
Sacramento, CA$4.00$3.00$7.67$22.60$40.40
Burbank, CA$2.85$2.70$7.14$22.30$39.97
Downey, CA$2.85$2.70$7.14$22.30$39.97
El Monte, CA$2.85$2.70$7.14$22.30$39.97
Garden Grove, CA$2.85$2.70$7.14$22.30$39.97
Glendale, CA$2.85$2.70$7.14$22.30$39.97
Inglewood, CA$2.85$2.70$7.14$22.30$39.97
Lancaster, CA$2.85$2.70$7.14$22.30$39.97
Los Angeles, CA$2.85$2.70$7.14$22.30$39.97
Norwalk, CA$2.85$2.70$7.14$22.30$39.97
Palmdale, CA$2.85$2.70$7.14$22.30$39.97
Pasadena, CA$2.85$2.70$7.14$22.30$39.97

Note: The short distance fares are equivalent to 1.6 km (one mile), the medium distance fares to 8 km (five miles) and the long distance fares to 16 km (ten miles). They are based on real rates and a mathematical algorithm. Additional charges are not included.