Taxi and Cab Services near me in Brea, California (CA)

Taxi and Cab Services near me in Brea, California (CA)

Do you want to take on the work of a Taxi in Brea, California? Here you will find a list of taxi telephone numbers in Brea. We have listed several cab services with some of the details you wanted to find, such as contact number, direction, schedule, WhatsApp and more data interesting to call a car service close to you.

Car Service Orange County (number)

  • Phone Number: (714) 795-2672
  • Services: Taxis, Shuttle Service
  • Address: 5951 Croupier Dr
  • PC: Huntington Beach, CA 92647
  • Hours: OPEN NOW
  • Rates: Contact before

Taxi rank (stand):

Yellow Cab of Orange County (number)

  • Phone Number: (714) 999-9999
  • Services: Taxis, Transportation Services, Transportation Providers
  • Address: Serving in the Brea Area
  • PC: Buena Park, CA 90621
  • Hours: OPEN NOW
  • Rates: Contact before

Taxi rank (stand):

Brea Yellow Cab (number)

  • Phone Number: (714) 671-9420
  • Services: Taxis
  • Address: Brea, CA 92821
  • PC: California
  • Hours: OPEN NOW
  • Rates: Contact before

Taxi rank (stand):

Buena Park Yellow Cab (number)

  • Phone Number: (714) 256-4350
  • Services: Taxis
  • Address: 2600 Associated Rd
  • PC: Fullerton, CA 92835
  • Hours: OPEN NOW
  • Rates: Contact before

Taxi rank (stand):

Mk Transportation (number)

  • Phone Number: (714) 488-6080
  • Services: Taxis
  • Address: 6242 San Lorenzo Dr
  • PC: Buena Park, CA 90620
  • Hours: OPEN 24 Hours
  • Rates: Contact before

Taxi rank (stand):

Oc Metro Taxi.Com (number)

  • Phone Number: (714) 356-3023
  • Services: Taxis, Limousine Service
  • Address: 1310 E Chapman Ave
  • PC: California
  • Hours: OPEN NOW
  • Rates: Contact before

Taxi rank (stand):

AA Yellow Cab (number)

  • Phone Number: (562) 266-1320
  • Services: Taxis
  • Address: 900 N Idaho St
  • PC: La Habra, CA 90631
  • Hours: OPEN NOW
  • Rates: Contact before

Taxi rank (stand):

Yellow Cab La Palma (number)

  • Phone Number: (714) 228-5937
  • Services: Taxis
  • Address: 5730 Beach Blvd
  • PC: California
  • Hours: OPEN NOW
  • Rates: Contact before

Taxi rank (stand):

Yellow Cab (number)

  • Phone Number: (714) 670-1190
  • Services: Taxis
  • Address: 5891 Beach Blvd
  • PC: California
  • Hours: OPEN NOW
  • Rates: Contact before

Taxi rank (stand):

All phone numbers of cab drivers in Townships near Brea, California (CA)

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Cab and taxi fares in Brea, California (CA)

The list is shown in ‘sample rates’, which are determinated from an example tour of a given distance and time. Taxi rates in California (CA):

CityInitial chargeMileage chargeTypical short rateTypical average rateTypical long rate
Pismo Beach, CA$3.00$3.50$8.39$26.75$48.42
American Canyon, CA$3.00$3.00$7.97$25.20$45.20
Benicia, CA$3.00$3.00$7.97$25.20$45.20
Napa, CA$3.00$3.00$7.97$25.20$45.20
Napa Valley, CA$3.00$3.00$7.97$25.20$45.20
Vallejo, CA$3.00$3.00$7.97$25.20$45.20
Yountville, CA$3.00$3.00$7.97$25.20$45.20
Salinas, CA$3.00$3.50$7.82$24.88$45.29
Los Gatos, CA$3.50$3.00$8.01$24.20$43.20
Milpitas, CA$3.50$3.00$8.01$24.20$43.20
San Jose, CA$3.50$3.00$8.01$24.20$43.20
Santa Clara, CA$3.50$3.00$8.01$24.20$43.20
Saratoga, CA$3.50$3.00$8.01$24.20$43.20
Silicon Valley, CA$3.50$3.00$8.01$24.20$43.20
Richmond, CA$3.00$3.50$7.28$23.90$43.90
San Mateo, CA$3.10$3.00$7.61$23.80$42.80
San Francisco, CA$3.50$2.75$7.78$23.57$41.91
Campbell, CA$3.50$3.00$7.79$23.45$41.95
Cupertino, CA$3.50$3.00$7.79$23.45$41.95
Mountain View, CA$3.50$3.00$7.79$23.45$41.95
Palo Alto, CA$3.50$3.00$7.79$23.45$41.95
Sunnyvale, CA$3.50$3.00$7.79$23.45$41.95
Anaheim, CA$3.50$2.75$8.06$23.25$41.00
Encinitas, CA$3.00$3.00$7.51$23.00$41.33
Fremont, CA$3.00$3.00$7.29$22.95$41.45
Alameda, CA$3.20$2.90$7.45$22.85$40.97
Castro Valley, CA$3.20$2.90$7.45$22.85$40.97
Hayward, CA$3.20$2.90$7.45$22.85$40.97
Oakland, CA$3.20$2.90$7.45$22.85$40.97
San Leandro, CA$3.20$2.90$7.45$22.85$40.97
San Lorenzo, CA$3.20$2.90$7.45$22.85$40.97
Union City, CA$3.20$2.90$7.45$22.85$40.97
Oceanside, CA$2.80$3.40$7.11$22.80$41.80
Santa Rosa, CA$2.75$3.30$6.85$22.67$41.67
Sonoma Valley, CA$2.75$3.30$6.85$22.67$41.67
Rancho Cordova, CA$4.00$3.00$7.67$22.60$40.40
Sacramento, CA$4.00$3.00$7.67$22.60$40.40
Burbank, CA$2.85$2.70$7.14$22.30$39.97
Downey, CA$2.85$2.70$7.14$22.30$39.97
El Monte, CA$2.85$2.70$7.14$22.30$39.97
Garden Grove, CA$2.85$2.70$7.14$22.30$39.97
Glendale, CA$2.85$2.70$7.14$22.30$39.97
Inglewood, CA$2.85$2.70$7.14$22.30$39.97
Lancaster, CA$2.85$2.70$7.14$22.30$39.97
Los Angeles, CA$2.85$2.70$7.14$22.30$39.97
Norwalk, CA$2.85$2.70$7.14$22.30$39.97
Palmdale, CA$2.85$2.70$7.14$22.30$39.97
Pasadena, CA$2.85$2.70$7.14$22.30$39.97

Note: The references for the distances are: 1 mile (short), 5 miles (medium) and 10 miles (long). Additional charges are not included.